About Your Way Adventures

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring more people to experience the Camino de Santiago in Spain by walking or cycling a portion of, or the entire trail.


We are all avid, experienced travellers. Despite all of our combined destinations visited, no other place has made as big an impact as our Camino de Santiago pilgrimages. A beautiful, unique, human experience that one does not forget, one we are convinced more people could benefit from. If you're looking for more than just another holiday, than this is the place for you.

Our Team

We are proud to have assembled a team of experienced professionals under one organization, all of them experts in their respective fields and working hard to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

'Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.'
Green Tourism

Why follow the guide when you can have the guide follow you! We have developed a unique guidebook which turns your personal SMARTPhone, Tablet or Kindle into the most complete Camino de Santiago GuideBOOK on the market. Get ‘the most’ out of your journey with this exclusive tool. We provide ...

Awards & Accolades

Since 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to one trip and one trip only, the Camino de Santiago. We have scrutinized every inch of this incredible destination and are able to expertly guide and design a trip that best fits your needs and desires. Committed to making each trip a unique ...

Innovative Tours

We believe every individual should be able to experience the Camino de Santiago according to their wants and needs. As such, we have developed a unique formula that allows you to experience a tour that is right for you. Whether you choose one of our self-guided or guided tours, we ...

24/7 Assistance

Walking any of the Camino de Santiago is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Even though the trail is well marked, sometimes you take a wrong turn, sometimes you are having difficulties communicating with the locals or sometimes you just need someone to sympathize with. Our ...

Peace of Mind

We take care of all the logistics so you can concentrate on what matters most – the journey! All of our trips include luggage transfers, land transfers (high speed train), bicycle rental (for cycling trips), personalized Smartbook and great lodging. Keep in mind that we can remove or add any ...

Core Values

Our goal is to provide a beautiful, unique, human experience that one does not forget. In order to do so, we feel designing a trip that is customized according to each individuals needs is important. If you are looking for some quality alone time to write in a journal or ...


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