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Discover two distinct cultures and countries in this great 2 in 1 trip! Starting in the legendary Portuguese town of Porto, you’ll head straight North and discover the country’s unique Minho region, know for its ‘green’ wines. The second part of the trip is spent living the legendary Spanish culture. Discover the world of tapas, cañas and delicious seafood all while meandering thru peaceful rural villages.

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Discover two distinct cultures and countries in this great 2 in 1 trip! Starting in the legendary Portuguese town of Porto, you’ll head straight North and discover the country’s unique Minho region, know for its ‘green’ wines. The second part of the trip is spent living the legendary Spanish culture. Discover the world of tapas, cañas and delicious seafood all while meandering thru peaceful rural villages.



September 12th to 26th 2020 departure

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.


  • 14 nights accommodation in 3 & 4-star hotels and guesthouses
  • 1 night accommodation in 2 star hotel
  • 15 breakfasts
  • 10 dinners
  • Daily luggage transfers (one bag up to 20kg per person)
  • Experienced English speaking guide
  • Potential taxi services to shorten days
  • Pilgrim Passport
  • Access to 24-hour help line
  • Personalized electronic guidebook with GPS map of Camino
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches and 5 dinners
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Museum entrances & other paid visits

    Arrival at Porto Airport and transfer to your lodging for the night, a 30 minute journey.

  2. STAGE 2 PORTO - 0 KM

    Take a day to get over jetlag, get your bearings and discover Porto which is filled with interesting sites. In fact, its historical center was decreed a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1996.

  3. STAGE 3 PORTO - ARCOS - 18 KM (11 miles)

    Porto is a large city city with a sprawling urban area, we avoid it all with a quick 20 minute transfer by car to Vilar de Pinheiro. The terrain is mainly gentle rolling farm lands, passing the medieval bridge of Don Zameiro on our way to Arcos.

  4. STAGE 4 ARCOS - BARCELOS - 19 KM (12 miles)

    A lovely day amidst Portugal’s rural lands mixed with eucalyptus forests. The day ends at the impressive city of Barcelos, where you’ll discover the origins of the country’s famous symbol, the rooster.

  5. STAGE 5 BARCELOS - COSSOURADO - 11 KM (8 miles)

    Today, is a rather relaxed day. Some shorter distances to fully enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness of the Portuguese countryside.

  6. STAGE 6 BARCELOS - PONTE DE LIMA - 22 KM (12 miles)

    The entire day is spent in quiet, serene Portuguese farmlands and forests. The day ends in Ponte de Lima. Founded in 1125, it is one of Portugal’s oldest cities and the site of an ancient Roman settlement. Its long stone bridge is further testament of their presence.

  7. STAGE 7 PONTE DE LIMA - AGUALONGA - 17 KM (11 miles)

    First real challenging day in terms of climbing as you’ll pass the Portela Grande, located at 410m in altitude. You are rewarded with great views of the valley below from the top of this pass. We end today’s walk in the quaint little hamlet of Agualonga (”long waters”).

  8. Stage 8 AGUALONGA - TUI - 22 KM (13 miles)

    One last day to enjoy the Portuguese countryside and culture. Crossing the Rio Minho at the end of the day, we say goodbye to Portugal and enter Spain. Valença do Minho, on the border with Spain, is a beautiful Portuguese fortress town built solely for military purposes in the 12th century.

  9. STAGE 9 TUI -O PORRINO 16 KM (10 miles)

    You’ll spend most of the day in the quiet Spanish countryside, discovering the peacefulness of rural Galicia. We then shuttle back to our hotel in Tui for the night.

  10. STAGE 10 TUI - REDONDELA - 17 KM (11 miles)

    We shuttle back to OPorrino in the morning to continue where we left off the day before. The day is physically challenging day in elevation gain but rewarding.

  11. STAGE 11 REDONDELA - PONTEVEDRA - 20 KM (13 miles)

    Passing the occasional beach makes this day a perfect blend of coastal and rural walking. Stopping in Pontevedra allows to visit some the city’s impressive sanctuaries.

  12. STAGE 12 PONTEVEDRA - CALDAS DE REIS - 23 KM (14 miles)

    Another peaceful day in the countryside, we pass the impressive historical site of the Puente del Burgo and finish at the legendary hot springs of Caldas de Reis.

  13. STAGE 13 CALDAS DE REIS - PADRON - 18 KM (12 miles)

    As you get closer to Santiago, you start walking through more and more Eucalyptus treed forests. The aroma is delightful as is the rest of the trail. The village of Padron is where the boat carrying St-James’ remains landed.


    A little more hills as we walk the final miles into Santiago. There is tons to see and do, on top of enjoying the fulfillment of reaching your destination so take full advantage of the city’s sites!


    A well-deserved rest day in Santiago de Compostela. Take this time to pick-up your certificate of completion at the Pilgrim’s office and attend the midday mass and see the legendary Botafumeiro in action.

Our preferred inns have been carefully selected for their location, comfort, charm and consistent friendly service. They are subject to availability. Should one of our preferred inns not be available, we will provide you with one of the same standard & price.


An 18th century home transformed into a beautiful hotel. A fine example of Portuguese Baroque Architecture.


A 17th century home transformed into a beautiful small hotel. A fine example of the regional architecture.


Located in the old quarters of the city, it is the count’s former home, renovated into a luxury hotel.


A lovely renovated home in the heart of the city. Wonderful hosts who make this place so special.


Lovely B&B home offering large, peaceful grounds only a few kilometers from the village center.

HOTEL ALTAIRWay of St James Tours Altair

Modern rooms in an ancient home. Located on the edge of the historical center, where it is much quieter and tranquil.

The Camino de Santiago is a hiking trail that has been travelled for centuries by people from all parts of the globe. Originally a pilgrimage for people looking to be pardoned for their sins, today it has taken on a different form, a unique place unlike any other hiking trail or location that one just needs to experience to fully grasp.

  • The reasons to accomplish the Camino Frances are as varied as the amount of flavours at the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory!
  • But that is part of what makes this trail so unique. People from all walks of life, different ethnicities, different beliefs, different parts of the world, all gathered on this one trail with a common objective…reaching Santiago de Compostella under their own power.
  • Some people walk to lose weight while others prefer to lose themselves in their thoughts. There are those who walk to gaze at the stunning natural Spanish countryside, and those who like to gaze within. All enjoy the free spirited and fun Spanish culture, and enjoy sharing it with the new friendships created along the way. No matter the reasons for being there, all who embark on this journey support one another and encourage each other to reach their goals. That’s what makes the Camino de Santiago so unique and that’s why we encourage you to venture on the trail with one of our intimate groups or on our self-guided formula.
  • Yes you can! The more preparation (training) you do will obviously make your trip more enjoyable. We’ve encountered people over 90 years of age walking the trail, one hour in the mornings, and one hour in the afternoons, slowly but surely working their way towards Santiago de Compostela.
  • The physical challenge is not to be taken lightly though and poses obvious difficulties as walking 5-6 hours daily with a daypack is not something most people are accustomed to doing. Even those who do regular exercise can bump into difficulties with weather, blisters, lack of proper sleep, and other little events that turn a simple stroll into a demanding experience.
  • Usually after a few days of walking, the body seems to adjust, habits gets stronger with time, and the physical challenges definitely dissipate with regular routine. This is why training beforehand can help tremendously.
  • Our group trips are unique and great for people with doubts about their physical capabilities as we offer a ‘short’ option every day so, you can decide depending on how you feel how much you want to walk each day. Our guide can also be a great source of motivation or resource to assist you in getting you home for the night should you ever decide to pack it in for the day. The choices are yours and we are there to ensure you can accomplish this trail, one step at a time!
  • The origins of the Camino de Santiago are certainly tied to the Catholic religion. Today, there are still many that walk the trail for religious reasons (40-45% according to the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela) leaving an increasing amount of people that go for other reasons such as cultural discovery, relaxation, or just for a holiday.
  • Regardless of one’s reasons for being there, all walk away with a unique experience that lasts a lifetime. No matter what your personal motives may be, we’ll be glad to design a trip that will best suit those motivations.
  • There is a certain instant camaraderie amongst the pilgrims walking the trail, a brotherhood is formed independent of a traveler’s origins, where they are from, their age or what they do for a living. On the Camino de Santiago, everyone is there with the same objective, reaching Santiago de Compostela. Although everyone’s motives for reaching that goal may be different, the objective is the same and because of that, everyone seems to look after each other, care about one another, listen to those who need to talk, share their feelings, trials, tribulations, give encouragement, whatever it takes for all to reach that objective.
  • Although wonderful in its own right, the beauty of the trail is not necessarily in the countryside, monasteries or historical buildings visited but rather the beauty of the human spirit when a little compassion is shared. That’s what makes this place so special and a ‘feeling’ we do our best to harvest within our intimate groups along the Camino de Santiago.
  • Roughly an equal amount of women and men. Ages however seem to focus at the mature end (ie: nearing retirement).
  • 95% of our clients are either Canadian or American while the remaining 5% of participants are from other English speaking countries like the UK, South Africa or Australia / New Zealand
  • We provide you a personalized Kindle e-book working in conjunction with Google Maps. Both are the most reliable and user friendly platforms we’ve encountered in order to provide you with all the information you need for the duration of your trip.
  • This allows you to enjoy the day at your pace and enjoy the various sites encountered even when our trip leader may be attending other participants. Giving you full flexibility to enjoy the day as you wish and not feel ‘stuck’ to the hips of the trip leader or all the participants in the group. Everyone walks at their pace while our trip leaders goes back and forth along the trail, making sure everyone is doing well and looked after.
  • We pride ourselves in the quality research we do yearly in order to unearth quality lodging that combines charm, comfort and service.
  • Our guided trips use the most luxurious accommodation available along the Way using the above mentioned criterias.
  • If you prefer something a little more budget, we would recommend you consider our budget self-guided trips or, putting together your own group we can then organize a custom trip for your group specific to your needs.
  • Let’s not kid ourselves, 1,200 years ago, the first people to walk to Santiago de Compostela didn’t have any books, maps or Guide to help them along the way, yet they still made it.
  • To walk it as it was done originally with no knowledge of what lies ahead is of course an individual choice.
  • But considering that getting lost can easily be accomplished within a moment’s inattention, not knowing what lies ahead, where the next lodging is, whether accommodations are available, where to get food or water, etc. All of these factors and more make a guide or, at least, some information about the Camino de Santiago a must for many.
  • Walking for hours every day is a challenge in itself, why not enjoy a minimum of comfort at the end of the day along with a helping hand to assist you?
  • To us, it is more important that you complete the Camino de Santiago in order to live this unique experience. If the use of a guide is what is required for you to take that step and come to the Camino then, great, we are here for you. Join us and we will do our best to make this a trip you will never forget!
  • Rayo Travel is a Canadian based Tour Operator specializing on Camino de Santiago itineraries for over 8 years. Every employee is an avid, experienced adventure traveler.
  • Despite all of our combined destinations visited, no other place has made as big an impact as our Camino de Santiago pilgrimages. A beautiful, unique, human experience that one does not forget, one we are convinced more people could benefit from. If you’re looking for more than just another holiday, than this is the place for you.
  • Our Camino de Santiago guided tours have been specifically designed to offer you the full support of a vehicle without the actual vehicle following behind you at every step.
  • We use local services to assist our groups when shortening the day, skipping a big hill or getting out of the heavy rains is necessary – helping the local economy, allowing us to keep the trip costs way down from other vehicle supported group trip rates AND minimize our ecological footprint along the Way of St James!
  • We also maximize our group to 10 people so that our trip leaders can provide quality service to all participants equally.
  • YES – all of our group trips are guaranteed departures! We understand the challenges of most group tours where one needs to wait until there are sufficient participants for the trip to be guaranteed to go and how unnerving that can be.
  • You do not have this problem or issue with our group tours. Since our group are already small to begin with, the majority of our trips quickly fill-up.
  • In the unlikely event of not reaching sufficient minimum participants for the group tour (5 people), we still can guarantee your trip departure on the dates, stages and lodging promised. The only modification would be the non physical presence of a trip leader for the duration of the trip. We would provide you a leader to welcome you on site, help you for the first day of walking to get your bearings on the Camino and then let you go own on your own with the assistance of our 24 hour help line, self-guided Smartbook and all the existing support of the Camino de Santiago. This unlikely, last resort option, would also come with a significant discount given the daily non-presence of a trip leader.
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