Our Refund Policy

Change Policy

For all of our self-guided trips, once reserved and deposit payment made, changes to your trip are possible for a change fee of 125 Euros per person. Changes only permissible as long as the change request is made prior to the 30 days non-refundable, non-cancelable deadline. See Booking conditions for details.

Refund Policy

We will refund all payments made minus the non-refundable deposit for all cancelations made prior to the 30 day limit (for self-guided tours) or 60 day limit (for guided tours). See booking conditions for details.

No refunds will be made for cancelations made under above mentioned limits. Refunds are only possible to those who opted to obtain trip cancellation and interruption insurance. Reimbursement subject to the insurance company's policy conditions.
our trips become non-changeable or cancelable passed the final payment due date. As such we recommend you obtain trip cancellation and interruption insurance should an emergency arise that would impede you in attending the trip or having to leave the tour early - this is something you can purchase at the same time as purchasing your airline tickets, you just need to include the cost of this trip to the covered amount of your insurance.

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